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How To Enjoy The Fastest Gains Of Any Penis Pump

The Penomet is a penis pump with a difference, it works on the science of differing pressures and the effects that these have on the3-Most-Frequently-Asked-Questions-About-Penomet body, triggering its natural ability to self duplicate and grow.

Unlike most other devices, the Penomet is available with a choice of rubber gaiters, each specifically designed to produce a gradual increase in pressure, maximising results and ultimately penis growth.

These different gaiters produce different pressure settings to give your penis the varied workout it needs to produce maximum results in the minimum time.

With up to five gaiters to choose from, each providing different power settings, you can vary your workout between days, weekly or simply when ever you fancy a change.



Penomet have developed several recommended treatment courses, each using the varied gaiters in different ways,

More About The Penomet Gaiters And Exercises

The Popular Workout

One workout is called ‘The Gaiter Week’, this simple to follow routine maximises the workout and gradually builds the pressure for safe, and effective growth, starting with the Purple Gaiter (force 60) you gradually work through to the maximum pressure provided by the Red Gaiter (force 80)

  • Week 1: Monday to Friday using Purple 60
  • Week 2: Monday to Friday using Blue 65
  • Week 3: Monday to Friday using Purple 60
  • Week 4: Monday to Friday using Blue 65
  • Week 5: Monday to Friday using Black 70
  • Week 6: Monday to Friday using Black 70
  • Week 6: Monday to Friday using Grey 75
  • Week 6: Monday to Friday using Black 70
  • Week 6: Monday to Friday using Grey 75
  • Week 7 onwards: Monday to Friday using alternating Red 80 and Grey 75.

This workout maximises the growth of your penis by 80% more than traditional pumps and devices.

As with any exercise programme, if you find that a particular gaiter is too much for you, simply go back one step and use this for Side-Effects-Of-Penometanother week before stepping up

There are also some helpful stretching exercises on the official website that can be used in conjunction with the device to improve gains even further.

The Gaiters

The Standard Device comes with just the black force 70 gaiter as standard;

The Extra package with three gaiters – force 65, 70 and 75,

And the best selling Premium Package comes with all Gaiters including the red force 80 extreme workout gaiter

Replacement gaiters are available direct from the manufacturers, buyers of the Extra and Premium packages get lifetime gaiter replacement included in the package

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