Penomet Accessories

The Penomet Range Of Accessories

Penomet offer a full range of accessories that will enhance your enlargement experience, and keep your Penomet device in top condition

Choice Of Colours

The Penomet device is now available in a choice of six colours, buyers can choose fromPenomet3-294x300

  • Clear
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Violet
  • Pink


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Rubber Gaiters

The key to successful enlargement is sustained pressure, the Penomet device is the only device of its kind to have interchangeable gaiters, each providing an increased level of vacuum.

Many other pumps including its nearest rival (bathmate) only make and supply one gaiter, and therefore can only operate at one level of pressure and therefore the results are not as succesful.

The key to succesful penis enlargement is to vary the working pressure to give the penis for want of a better phrase ‘a good work out’…

It’s no different to you going to the gym – you wouldn’t go everyday and do just one exercise, you would vary them along with the intensity to improve and boost results.


There are 5 gaiters in the Penomet range, depending on what package you choose, you will get a number of these with the device.

  • Force 60
  • Force 65
  • Force 70
  • Force 75
  • Force 80

Buyers of the Standard package receive just the Force 70, those who invest in the Extra package receive the force 70 along with Force 65 and 75


Side-Effects-Of-PenometThose who choose the Ultimate package will receive all 5 gaiters – essential for maximum gains

As you reach your desired gains with the first gaiter, simply upgrade to the next gaiter strength and watch your penis keep growing.

Cleaning And Lubrication

Penomet supply a range of cleaning and lubrication oils to help keep your device functioning at optimum level.

New Addition To The Rangecomfort-strap-for-shower-close-up

Penomet are releasing their latest accessory – a special comfort strap that allows for ‘hands free’ wearing of the device in the shower.

This is supplied as part of the Penomet premium package and can also be purchased separately- see official website for details

Find Out More – Go To:

 Official Penomet Website


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