Is Penomet Better Than Bathmate

Penomet Vs Bathmate

These Are The Top 2 Penis Pumps In The UK –  Which Is Best??

When considering a penis pump, you need to know that whatever model you choose, that it’s easy and BATHMATE.BLUE-250-5comfortable to use and that it will also deliver on its promises.

Two of the best penis vacuum pumps available today are the Penomet and Bathmate.

Both are specially developed vacuum pumps, they are virtually identical in their operation and the benefits that can be gained from using them.

Both have been designed to be used in the Bath or shower, they use water as part of the process, this helps to protect and support the penis during the process.

What Can These Pumps Do

These pumps are excellent at generating visibly larger erections, usually within a few minutes, which make them the perfect bit of kit for any man who has erection difficulties.

With regular (daily use) these pumps can help to generate permanent increases in penis length and girth.penomet accessories

We have been fortunate enough to be able to try both these devices and although the end decision is a personal choice –

We want to share our thoughts and experiences with you – hopefully these will help you make an informed decision.

Choosing A Pump

There are a few factors that you should consider when choosing a penis pump:

  • Price
  • Starting Penis Size
  • Ease Of Use
  • Guarantees
  • Projected Results

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Purchase Price

Bathmate have 3 models in their range, the entry level Hercules (£64.99) their latest model – the Hydromax (£99.99) and the Goliath (£99.99)bathmate-color-range

If you are on a real budget, the Hercules is a good option, the Hydromax offers 35% more performance and the Goliath is (as its name suggests) suited to men with penises that measure 9” or longer.

Penomet offer three packages in their range; all use the same device but include a varying range of pressure gaiters and other accessories. The Standard model costs £79.00 and is supplied with one gaiter/pressure setting, the Extra model (£126.00) is supplied with 3 pressure gaiters and the top of the range Premium model is supplied with all 5 pressure gaiters and 3 cans of special cleaning foam to help keep your device in top working condition.

The Premium Model offers everything that a man should ever need and will suit any body regardless of starting size…

Our Vote Goes To Penomet – naturally it will depend on your budget, but if you can go the little bit extra, Penomet is the complete system and its one that will provide a lifetimes service

Your Starting Penis Size

When choosing a device, you need to take into account your starting erect size. If you measure 7” or less, any device would work for you, if you are larger, – even up to 12” the only device that could accommodate you as you gain length is Penomet

Our Vote Goes ToPenomet – it will accept all shapes and sizes of Penis

Ease Of Use

Both pumps work in virtually identical manners, they are filled with water and then placed over the penis, the rupenomet-in-usebber gaiters make contact with the groin to form a seal.

The devices are pumped up and down to expel any trapped air and some water to form a vacuum. Neither pumps leak water or air, which ensures that the pressure remains constant (A problem with some inferior pumps are that they drop pressure and along with it – effectiveness)

Bathmate supply ‘comfort rings’ to fit onto the gaiter, they claim that it makes using the pump more comfortable to wear. In Our Opinion, we didn’t find that they made any difference, we actually found the Penomet more comfortable… again its down to personal preference.

The Penomet is a larger device and subsequently slightly heavier, but all in all here is little to choose between them

Our Vote Goes ToNeither – call this one a draw, it’s hard to separate them

Manufacturers Guarantees

Bathmate is sold with a 60 day cash back guarantee

Penomet is sold with a lifetimes warranty and a full years (365 day) cash back guarantee

Our Vote Goes To Penomet – No Contest in this category

Projected Results

Both Bathmate and Penomet will help boost erections and with daily use (15-20 mins a day) can generate permanent growth in penis length and girth.

Users can expect to gain between 2 and 3” in length

As you grow, it’s quite possible to grow out of the Bathmate Hercules and Hydromax models, once you get to 7” or so, the device will be a tight fit, potentially restricting any future gains, you would then need to reinvest in the Goliath to continue growing.

penomet premiumThe Penomet will accommodate any size of penis without the need for upgrading. The Premium model in particular, with its 5 interchangeable pressure gaiters offers a wide range of pressure settings that will give your penis the ultimate growth possible.

Penomet is a one time purchase, if you look after it; you will never need another pump again.

Our Vote Goes ToPenomet, purely because it provides everything you need, regardless of size.

Our Recommendation

Both devices will provide excellent results, both with helping erections and in generating permanent increases in growth

We have to recommend the Penomet as our number one choice – yes its slightly more expensive, but when you take into account the lengthy guarantees, the interchangeable gaiters and the fact that it will suit you for life, regardless of how large you are, or get, make it hard to beat…

Where To Buy

Both the Bathmate or Penomet can be easily and discreetly bought online.

Penomet can only be bought from the manufacturer’s official website, they ship orders worldwide

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Bathmate is available from the official distributor ‘shytobuy’.com

They too ship worldwide

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